106 Architects + Sports Environment Alliance Align!


106 Architects + Third Place Thinking™ are excited to announce their new alliance with Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) as #SEAassociatemember.

At our core, we are about designing sport + recreation facilities that are our Third Place – that safe and inclusive space between work and home – that considers the preciousness of our environment too.

SEA is focused on supporting environmental leadership and advocacy of the sport community.

With a mission to lead, educate, and inspire sport community members to learn, share, and act for a more sustainable and regenerative Australasia, we look forward to building a strong relationship together and becoming part of the growing environmental sustainability movement in sport.

Dion Gosling, 106 Architects + Third Place Thinking™ Director and specialist Sports Architect explains “The relationship with SEA began with Tiffany Cherry, SEA Board Director, at our meeting with Simon Madden on the virtual talk show Simon Says in October 2020. We were again co-presenters for the 106 Architects + NGV Melbourne Design Week event in March 2021.

There was a good fit for each of our fundamental ideals around the environment in which we live, and having a positive impact where we can. Essentially it is about people and place – the basis of people and the environments in which we live, in synergy.

The sports + recreation sector aligning for a common goal is like any team campaign for a major event. An Olympic-style campaign is ahead of us in order to achieve success in the care of our environment – the social, the physical and the designed worlds all coming together is a powerful thought.”

Dr Sheila Nguyen, CEO, Sports Environment Alliance, adds “We are excited to welcome 106 Architects/Third Place Thinking to the #SEAFamily as our newest #SEASupporter. We look forward to supporting their journey towards making the world a better place through learning and collaboration with our {sport & planet} network.”

Working with SEA to protect the places where we play for generations to come is something we all look forward to, collaborating on ideas, to create environmentally and socially sustainable designed sports and community facilities.


For more information, or to enquire about joining SEA’s growing community of change-makers click here or contact seahq@sportsenvironmentalliance.org

For 106 Architects + Third Place Thinking™ queries please contact:
Annie Salter, Digital Marketing + Social Media – media@106architects.com