“Draw First – Think Later” is a theme we believe in, that allows us to create early discussion collateral with our clients. It’s all very well saying ‘we take a human approach’ or ‘we involve everyone in our projects’ so it is here that empathise and define our approach to create a story-piece that stretches the imagination and tests needs against options.

Concept / preliminary design

The design phase explores and deepens the understanding of the project, using a combination of technology and enquiry-based exploration. Our story themes are developed into the project from site to the finishes. Here, we protoype and test ideas against real-life constraints.

Design Phase

The documentation phase is the nitty gritty of where it all happens. Where compliance meets curiosity in the language of building. Where technical drawing and engineering meet the poetics of space, light, texture, and colour.

Construction Documentation

Delivering the project happens in a circle of communication and activity that binds client, stakeholders, architect, and contractor. Modern technology means we can all be anywhere in the world during this phase, right through to completion.

Building and Contract Management

The end of the project normally means ‘handover’ and a transition into ownership. For us, we’re interested in how it functions and operates going forward, for future use and generation. The 1st year anniversary is a key marker that covers all the seasons – after that, it’s about growing the family.