Dion Gosling

Dion Gosling | 106 Architects

Dion grew up in rural South Auckland. He would sprint to primary school when training for cross-country runs and dash out to the shed for hockey sticks when frost was on the fields in Ardmore. He revelled in the freedom of unenclosed spaces and the close-knit community. These values continue to inform his work, even after shifting to North Auckland, international travel representing New Zealand as an Olympic hockey player in the Black Sticks and relocating to Ponsonby.

His familiarity with urban and rural settings throughout Auckland and his background in sports have refined his eye for residential buildings and community sports facilities. He strongly feels that form should always follow function, and consistently endeavours to design buildings that encourage a sense of community through structure.

“Having an intimate understanding about the subtleties of how people move within spaces, their energy and their activity, and how they utilise each area, is crucial to any kind of design.”

The Papatoetoe Sports Centre was a fascinating challenge for these reasons. It required areas for a variety of sports, indoor centres, a bistro and offices for administrators. Dion pushed for a future-proof, sustainable design that opened up the entire structure. This open flow gave the diverse range of members a sense of the different activities throughout the space and fostered a shared culture.

“It was really about peeling the building open and eliminating all the disengaged spaces so everyone had a sense of access. Architecture is about growing communities as well as constructing a building itself.”

For Dion, it’s the intricacy of spaces, history, scale, community, engagement and the individuals which are central in each project. And, when establishing 106 Architects (formally known as Studio106) in 2009, it was no different. It’s still about working in an unenclosed creative space with tightly-knit team players. Even with precise insight into the most functional and elegant way to design sports and community facilities, residential buildings and airports, Dion’s still invested in a collaborative process. As both mentor and teammate, he brings us together on an even plane.



Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson | 106 Architects

We welcome back Matt Wilson in a Senior Architecture Consultant role with 106 Architects, providing a senior project and design role on our specific, large-scale projects. Previously with 106 Architects from 2014 – 2016, Matt adds valuable leadership and perspective in the design and delivery of our sports, community, and recreation projects.

As Director of Eco Insite – his own independent ESD consultancy firm – Matt also provides strategies and advice on cost-effective measures to improve our ecological footprint across the building and development sector, an area he is extremely passionate about.

Along with Matt’s significant experience across large-scale, complex multi-unit residential development projects, commercial developments, and high-end residential projects, he will add an ESD overlay and philosophy to our sports and community work.



Irene MacMillan

Irene MacMillan | 106 Architects

Irene MacMillan is our superstar Senior Interior Design Consultant with 106 Architects and adds design expertise for our specific, large-scale projects.

With experience in various design projects from residential, multi-residential to commercial and aged care, Irene’s attention to detail provides much-added value to the interiors of our projects, with a perspective that is second to none.

Irene has a passion for Interior design and Architecture, and how we interact with each space.

Irene has completed a Bachelor of Environments at The University of Melbourne, to extend her knowledge through the design process.


Annie Salter

Annie Salter | 106 Architects

Based in Melbourne, Annie Salter supports our ANZ team with all of our digital marketing, PR, events and communications strategy + implementation as well as HR & Quality Assurance.

Annie works closely with our Director + Founder, Dion Gosling, to look at future events, collaborations and opportunities, and has been a key driver of our partner platform Third Place Thinking™.

Described as ‘Ruler of the Universe’, Annie assists with the coordination and assembly of our bid proposals and as well as recruitment.

Originally a girl from the country, Annie blends her down to earth approach with her love for fashion and shoes, and inspires us with her colour and pattern as an alternative to traditional ‘architects black’.

We love having Annie’s skills and flavour influencing our journey and face. [She now loves the instagram grid as much as Dion!]


Georgia Burns

Georgia Burns | 106 Architects

With a background in Finance within the building industry, Georgia keeps the team at 106 Architects in order and all elements of the business side running smoothly.

Georgia has found that 106 Architects looks to provide a fresh and innovative design stance when it comes to the building process. It is Georgia’s experience and knowledge we’ve found to be vital within the studio.